Monday, December 1, 2008

A Call to honour....

So they called us again. Whether it’s a high profile shootout, a child in a borewell, a terrorist attack, floods, earthquakes army is called. Army is no longer meant for protecting the borders, of late, the country needs us everywhere. We clear up the mess and in the bargain lose our soldiers too, but what after that? Once the crisis is solved we are again lost in the oblivion. But, why? Why is the government, the politicians and the common man so afraid to come out in the open and acknowledge that in the current terrorist turmoil our defence forces are their safest bet?

In times like these, what the country need is a deeper and more meaningful alliance between the civil administration and the army of the area even of the smallest of the city. This will help immensely in nourishing the now heavily tattered soul of India. Now they call us when the situation is completely out of their hands. If we have a better association then any crisis would be solved in a much simpler way without losing so many lives. These simple steps will make the atmosphere conducive and the citizens secure. Further it will also help in us attaining our most basic right to leave in peace.

How much our politician may differ but what a common Indian needs today is a safe today. I spoke to a very senior retired army officer and he said “Army is supposed to be non-partisan; national in character, patriotic, professional, and disciplined how it relates to civil society in general will help immensely in the civilian set up. Obligations on both the sides will contribute to the common good by performing duties to benefit the community as a whole. This association I believe will complement each other.” During a time when every citizen of Indian is thinking of the corrective measures to be taken, I think this is the best we can do, right now…….