Friday, March 6, 2009

Army Son Rises

Nirvikar Yadava, programming head of MY FM channel and the undisputed king of Bhopal’s radio jockeys is a successful army kid.

Nirvikar feels his formative years in the army and rich traveling experience have been responsible for his success. It has made him stronger, more thoughtful and mature adult. Army kids generally move along with their parents to the other stations every two years. There is a general perception that this continuous moving and shifting houses would have a negative impact on kids but it actually makes their nature more adjusting and also resolute.

Ask Nirvikar about what he regards as the proudest moment of his army life, “Seeing my Dad in the army uniform has always been my proudest moment. I am so proud of my Dad and look up to him always. My parents have raised me to be a strong individual and I wouldn’t change my life for anything” he says. His grooming began quite early in life when at the age of five his house was attacked during the riots of 84’ in Ferozpur. Being alone with his Mom he showed immense courage and presence of mind and blocked all the doors with curtain rods and heavy chairs. Unable to crack in, the terrorists finally left without causing any harm. “Like a true army wife my Mom is a woman of great steel and strength. And that one night gave me a true insight into her persona.” A little prodding reveals that he himself never wanted to be an army officer because he saw a very vulnerable side of his mom during the many years of separation from her husband, because he was posted in field areas where families were not permitted. “I saw her cry a lot during those times, with not a single shoulder to lean on. It was during those times I decided never to join forces and to give my Mom all the happiness in the world.”

Further elaborating on his experiences he says, “But I must tell you that only we as army kids are able to do all the exciting things! We get all the opportunities to pursue the most mind blowing adventure sports and also learn the most expensive games like golf and horse riding. I surely wouldn’t trade my experiences as an army for anything. I am what I am today only because of my life in the army. “I really hope and pray that we Indians realize the sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families and take some meaningful action to make their lives a bit better” he signs off. I couldn’t have agreed more!