Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Strength to carry on……

Photographs like this always tear your heart apart. A departing soldier, who is also a father, a son, a husband, a friend. Though this is a photograph of an American soldier leaving for Iraq but it nevertheless invokes the same dreadful feeling of uncertainty.

We all know that the job of a soldier is not an easy one there is always a certain level of risk involved. But the training imparted to them prepares them to face any given situation. Sometimes these trainings closely resemble what they might experience in a war. But what about the wives and the situations at home? Separations and field postings are the real test of an army wife. And it's not an easy task I must say. Husband's separation along with an emotionally fragile child it is suddenly too much to handle.

Two years is a long time to manage. So I decided to stay at a place where I have a bunch of good friends. This decision helped me immensely because I know the shoulders I can lean on. I already had a steady job and it actually keeps me distracted. There are few friends who are finding it extremely difficult to do even the smallest of tasks in their husband’s absence. To them I would say plan some activities, get involved in your children or join some new courses. It really helps, brooding wont!!
As army wives we must bear in mind that we will have to sooner or later face separation. And what more can husbands ask for than having a strong pillar of strength for wife. I know there are times when you feel too overwhelmed by emotions, I too feel the same most of the times, but there’s nothing I can do. On the other hand it makes the children more vulnerable. They are very emotionally susceptible when father is away and a depressed mom makes them more psychologically fragile. Although it’s just been few months but this is one main lesson I have learnt, because its anytime better than to handle a upset and troubled child.

I am trying to be strong with some great friends and great books but lets see how long I manage. Sometimes I am not too sure myself……..