Monday, October 6, 2008

Best of the Brats

I must confess I simply love them!! And who doesn’t? Their style, mannerisms, and that little wild streak is something to die for. Ever been to 9 different states, 11 different schools, moved umpteen times, and seen some of the greatest things in the country before you even turned 18? Well, pick any army kid and I am sure you would have a mini encyclopedia in your hands.

Although one feels that this continuous moving around would make them a little unstable but it actually makes them more flexible and determined. I know some of my friend’s children who do have trouble adjusting in a new environment but most of them sailed through these phases comfortably. They generally move with their parents to the stations which already have other kids like them and friendships are formed very quickly. Social evenings and swimming pool sessions do play a large part in these bonds. Kids going through the same transitions tend to gravitate towards each other anyway. And some of the best friendships are formed during those years. With daddy gone most of the time our kids actually bond with each other beautifully. Right across my home some 7-8 kids use a garage for their music sessions. They have formed a rock band which is in fact quite soulful. They say they want be this century’s Beatles. Wow! I must say.

I feel their rich traveling experiences make them flexible, stronger, well read, well traveled, more thoughtful and most importantly smarter and mature adults, raring to go. How many kids do you think know of a place called Bumla which actually is the meeting point of Indo China border or Tawang which has few of the best monasteries in the world or for that matter Palchan, the most beautiful part of Himachal. Our kids do…..
A young girl I met the other day said, “Auntie am struggling to find a place to call home. When people ask me where I am from? I ask them "Do you want to know where I was born, where I went to high school, or where I went to college? I really don’t have one place I belong to. This makes a little sad, I want some stability in my life, some anchor.” These words actually set me thinking. This feeling does come in once in a while, I wanted to know whether this feeling is common A few days later I bumped into my best friend’s teenage son so I popped up the question whether he likes life as an army kid? And I must tell you his reply put me completely at ease, Auntie! Only we are able to do such exciting things! Moving from one place to another and saying, hey, I have a friend that lives there. I wouldn't trade my experiences for the anything. Plus I am so proud of my Dad. I look up to him, and know that he has done the right thing. My parents have raised me to be a strong individual and I wouldn't change my life for anything.” Good going son!!!
But one thing I am sure is that when our super duper dapper kids stand to honour the flag they stand in honour of all soldiers and most of all their daddies and uncles who are serving the country from far off fields.


Asmi said...

Yeah... I do agree with u. Really they are Special children. Apart from all the changes and life's moves they enjoy their unstable life. They are storng and know the path where the reality goes.
All the Best to you and your special children.

PinkShe said...

Welcome back.
Hmmm..... A soldier, his wife, now his children..... u take us on a journey of a Soldier's Life. In ur words, we can feel proud and sense the hidden pain of a soldier's family.
Salute to u and all armywives.

Fundiesmacker said...

Hi there.

I'm an Army brat, have lived or visited pretty much everywhere, thanks to my late father. He sacrificed a lot during his Army career to show my mother, sisters and I the world.

I'd love to talk to other military brats, veterans and current soldiers on this thread about anything that has to do with the lives we have had.

My dad was someone who looked for opportunities in the Army to go outside the US, so we lived in Germany, India and The Philippines and visited loads of other places.

Sometimes I still wish I lived in the same town all my life, never had to lose friends or change schools, and then I think back on how awesome it was to see the Pyramids of Giza, have lunch on a houseboat in Hong King Harbor, fly into Keflavik Iceland while a volcano was erupting a few miles off the coast...and so many other wild and wonderful things, and I'm glad I got to live the life I have.

ashwini said...

You are so right when you say that our kids dont know where they are from. I once got the answer " Ma'am, I'm from all over the place". Can you beat that?

Pragya said...

Being married to the military has its benefits, but it also comes with some very rigid truths. But yes u very rightly pointed out that our kids are the best. Even after going thru so much of moving around and seperations.Thanx, will wait for more from you....